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Report 2021/22

Proudly Working
for the Future

As a family enterprise, we want to make a sustainable contribution to society and the environment through our business operations.

Sustainability Report 2021/2022

“We’re well prepared for the future: Our sustainability strategy reflects our company’s clear focus on holistic growth.”

Jens Kriete Koehler Group Sustainability Manager
Kai Furler
Koehler Group CEO

Our 2030
Sustainability Strategy

Sustainable thinking and actions have always been an intrinsic part of the Koehler Group. In fact, sustainability principles are there every time we make a business decision. Our sustainability strategy reflects our focus on holistic growth, and rests on a solid foundation that is perfectly aligned with our guiding principle of “Proudly Working for the Future.”

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A Clean Tomorrow

An interview with Dietmar Böhm,
Member of the Board, PreZero International

PreZero’s goal is to pave the way for a clean future. As circularity is so important in the field of packaging, the Environment Division of the Schwarz Group is also working together with Koehler Paper on developing new paper and packaging. An interview with Dietmar Böhm, Member of the Board at PreZero International, about the importance of paper and the shared goals of the two partners.

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An interview with Marcel Bergmann,
CEO of the Schades Group

The Koehler Group and Europe’s largest converter of checkout rolls, the Schades Group, have been working in partnership for decades. The products supplied by Koehler to Schades include kilometer-long rolls of sustainable Blue4est® thermal paper that Schades cuts into small checkout rolls and subsequently supplies to retail outlets, among other customers. In this interview, Marcel Bergmann, CEO of the Schades Group, talks about what makes the partnership with Koehler so successful and the sustainability goals that unite the two companies.

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Living the
Circular Economy

“Circular value creation” is a hot topic in this day and age. This process represents an alternative to linear value creation and “chug and chuck” models that rely on essentially infinite stocks of raw materials. Both Germany and Europe as a whole are dependent on imports of raw materials, so it is in their interest to implement the concept of circular value creation. Paper is a good example of a successful circular economy; wastepaper can be turned into new paper again and again.

The Koehler Group is part of this circular value chain. We offer future-proof products in the form of flexible packaging paper made using renewable raw materials. Unlike other packaging materials, they can easily be recycled after use.

In the circular economy model, mechanical recycling, i. e., the reuse of the material as-is, sits right at the top of the hierarchy. However, if the costs outweigh the benefits and mechanical recycling is not feasible, as is the case with waste wood, then the waste products may be used to produce energy instead. With the takeover of the majority of Zollikofer GmbH & Co. KG, we have significantly expanded our expertise in the area of the procurement, trade, and processing of biomass.

Sustainability in Figures

Input 2022

Raw Materials

used in metric tons
(air-dry weight)

(2021: 418,042)

used in metric tons

(2021: 20,193)

in metric tons

(2021: 37,424)

Input Materials in metric tons
(as purchased)

(2021: 349,270)


Purchased Electricity
in MWh

(2021: 375,509)

in MWh

(2021: 2,226,668)


Well Water
in m3

(2021: 5,027,833)

Surface Water
in m3

(2021: 610,741)


Biomass for Processing
in metric tons
(air-dry weight)

(2021: 1,031,761)

Output 2022


Paper and Board
in metric tons, produced

(2021: 574,401)

Biomass Traded /
Processed for
Mechanical Recycling 1
in metric tons

(2021: 832,120)

Biomass Traded /
Processed for the Production of Energy 1
in metric tons

(2021: 201,436)

Renewable Energy Generation

in MWh

(2021: 279,520)

Process Steam2
in MWh

(2021: 476,640)

Hot Water
in MWh

(2021: 22,543)

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Scope 1
Carbon Emissions
in metric tons

(2021: 280,233)

Scope 2
Carbon Emissions
in metric tons

(2021: 149,481)


in m3

(2021: 3,269,244)


in metric tons, gross

(2021: 143,486)

The figures shown are for the whole Koehler Group. Smaller companies in which the Group holds a stake may be denoted as such or not fully included in all figures.

1 Primary or secondary biomass (air-dry weight in metric tons, i. e. including moisture)

2 Some of the process steam generated is used internally.

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