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Paper that looks like leather or linen? No problem with our various embossed patterns. Many of our products can be refined by embossing the surface, and we have more than 25 different patterns available.

We offer single and double sided embossing for different kinds of product, from playing card board to digital printing paper and ivory board, to wrapping materials.

This special kind of finish is especially suitable for packaging, cards and a range of design products of a graphical nature, and it always makes a good impression.

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How does embossing work?

Different kinds of pattern, motif and texture can be embossed. In most cases, a roller presses the pattern into the paper. The pattern can then be felt as a relief. Embossing can be done on one side or both. Importantly, certain types of embossing need a certain amount of mass to work. This means that the more voluminous a paper is, the better it will emboss. Embossing gives a product a tactile quality and is also visually impressive.

what embossing does koehler offer?

Koehler offers a broad range of embossing options and surfaces.

You will find a summary here: Embossing options


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