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Carbonless Paper

Koehler is the reliable manufacturer of reacto® Carbonless Paper

reacto® is a high-grade form paper which produces a copy by means of a microcapsule coating. Carbonless paper has many benefits in a lot of different respects: it is cheaper than laser printing, it protects against forgery, it is easy to use and saves time and money. Some areas would be unthinkable without carbonless paper – such as contracts.

Koehler’s reacto® carbonless paper is a product which offers perfect running properties in printing presses and in subsequent processing.

SD Formular

Multi-sheet system

A reacto® form set consists of a top sheet, middle sheet and end sheet. Several middle sheets can be used on top of each other.

Endlossatz SD


For some applications we can supply reacto® Selfcontained that can be combined with an uncoated standard paper as an upper sheet.

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reacto® Laser

reacto® LASER can generally be used with any toner-based digital printing system and is suitable for pure laser printing as well as preprint.

Tickets und Aufzeichnung

reacto® accessories

We offer various accessories that go with our reacto® paper, such as reacto® fanapart glue, reacto® desensitizing ink, and CF test spray.

How does carbonless paper


Find out how carbonless paper work and what is the difference between that and selfcontained.

Where do we produce Carbonless Paper?

Woher kommen unsere Papiere?

We produce reacto® Carbonless Paper in our mill in Oberkirch. Find out more about paper production in Oberkirch.




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