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Koehler Thermal Paper

The innovative High-Tech Paper from the world market leader

Thermal paper is firmly established in many areas of daily life: checkout receipts and price labels in supermarkets, parcel labels in logistics centers – in fact, anywhere that information has to be printed out quickly and economically. We supply finishers and laminators with our thermal paper all over the world, and they make them into checkout rolls, self-adhesive labels, and tickets of every conceivable kind.

  • Pioneer in the field of Thermal Paper
  • Worldwide Service and Sales Network
  • State-of-the-Art Production Equipment
POS / Checkout rolls

POS / Checkout Rolls

Every second Checkout Roll in Europe is produced by Koehler

The biggest field of use for thermal paper is at and around the Point of Sale (POS) – in other words, anywhere that receipts need to be produced quickly and simply.

• World market leader for POS Thermal Paper
• Available as BPA-free, phenol-free or developer-free Thermal Paper
• Grammages from 44 to 90 gsm

BPA-free thermal paper

Phenol-free thermal paper


Developer-free thermal paper

Selbstklebeetiketten Supermarkt

Self-adhesive Labels

for labels with or without topcoat

The benefits of thermal technology are finding increasing use in the field of self-adhesive labels, such as parcel stickers, stock labels and for fruit and vegetable scales in the supermarket. 

• Leading supplier of face materials for the production of thermal labels
• Available as BPA-free, Phenol-free or bisphenol-free Thermal Paper
• New: Thermal Paper for Topcoat Applications

BPA-free thermal paper

Bisphenol-free thermal paper

Tickets und Aufzeichnung

Tickets and plotting

Lottery and more

These applications require stable, thicker and especially sensitive thermal papers, used for things like entry tickets, betting slips and medical plotting paper (ECG paper).

• High Sensitivity
• Excellent flatness
• Good printability

thermal paper

thermal paper



The blue thermal paper from the Black Forest

As well as its conventional thermal paper, Koehler offers a new, unique and award-winning technology for thermal paper: Blue4est®

  • Lasting: non-fading image
  • Sustainable: no chemical developers
  • Safe: certified for direct contact with food


As the world's leading manufacturer of thermosensitive specialty paper, Koehler Paper is aware of its responsibility to ensure that all resources are used sparingly. The company is driven by the desire to constantly work on product improvements and improvements in the use of resources and energy.

There are recurring questions about thermal paper, which will be answered below.

Is thermal paper recyclable?

Koehler thermal paper is always produced without BPA. It can be disposed of with household waste (for incineration) or by conventional paper recycling. We recommend that you contact your local waste collection company, as the legal requirements and regional recommendations for recycling thermal paper receipts vary considerably from country to country or region to region.

Is Blue4est® recyclable?

Blue4est® is recyclable.

Is conventional thermal paper compostable / biodegradable?    

Conventional thermal paper are not intended for use as compost. Thermal paper is disposed of in landfills and recycled by paper recycling. In principle, however, thermal paper is biodegradable by up to 91 percent, depending on the fiber content, structure and raw materials used.

Is Blue4est® compostable / biodegradable?  

Blue4est® is not intended for use as compost. Thermal paper are disposed of by landfill and recycled. In principle, Blue4est® is biodegradable.

Why is Blue4est® more sustainable than conventional thermal paper?  

Blue4est® is the only thermal paper in the world approved for direct food contact. The thermosensitive layer does not react on a chemical level like all other thermal paper, but on a physical level and completely dispenses with developers and color formers.

Is thermal paper harmful to human Health?     

No, according to recent studies, all BPA-free thermal paper are harmless to human health. They comply with all legal and regulatory requirements.

Is it true that the use of paper leads to irreversible deforestation?

No, the opposite is the case. In Europe alone, the paper and pulp industry has contributed to the reforestation of 44,000 square kilometers of forest between 2005 and 2015. This corresponds to the area of Switzerland. These sustainably used forests are an important part of the European environment and also of the economy.

Koehler will continue to work on improving its products in terms of sustainability, environmental friendliness and consumer benefit and on researching opportunities to develop new, innovative and sustainable products and establish them on the market.

How does thermal printing


Learn more about how thermal printing works, how a normal thermal paper is structured, and what is different about Blue4est®.

Where do we produce Thermal Paper?

PM 2

We invest continuously in the thermal area in order to meet steadily rising demand. The latest and most efficient production facilities are now housed at our plant in Kehl am Rhein.  




If you have any questions related to our products, the Koehler sales team will be happy to help. Just send us your inquiries using our contact form.

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