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Playing Card Board

Looking for a playing card board that suits your particular needs? One carefully made and developed by an international specialist? Bet wisely on Koehler playing card board. Perfect processing properties guarantee you optimum quality, so you hold all the right cards with your customers. Koehler is the world leading manufacturer of playing card board, and you will find our high-quality cards everywhere, all the way to the big casinos of Las Vegas.


  • Consistent quality
  • Very high opacity
  • Very clean surface
  • Homogeneous print image on both sides
  • High degree of whiteness
  • Highest SNAP properties


high-quality casino playing cards, collectors’ cards and advertising cards

Colors & Surfaces

white matt / glazed
white matt / glazed
white no. 213 Linen
white no. 213 Linen
white no. 216 Linen
white no. 216 Linen

Playing Card Board is available in matt, glazed and embossed. 

To our Embossings


260 gsm
275 gsm
300 gsm
310 gsm
320 gsm
330 gsm
410 gsm

Other grammages on request.

Printing Methods

Offset, digital printing on request.

Minimum quantity

Please ask your consultant about combination options if you need smaller quantities.

Video Playing Card Board

Spielkartenkarton seit 1934

Where do we produce PLaying Card Board?

Werk Oberkirch


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