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Decor paper

koehler decor paper for coating the surfaces of furniture

Decor paper is used to decorate wooden materials, in printed or unprinted form, is impregnated with resins, and then laid as a laminate on a backing material. Many years of tradition and experience give Koehler decor paper quality and technical sophistication.

benefits of decor paper

  • Top color consistency
  • Impregnability
  • Surface quality
  • Dimensional stability
  • Stable for further processing
Print base paper

print base paper

Print base paper has a satin finish and is characterized by being easy to print on and impregnate, and by it´s dimensional stability.

UNI-Color paper

UNI-Color paper

UNI-color paper is a single-color decor paper that is dyed right through. It is either machine-smoothed or has a light satin finish.

Base paper for foil production

base paper for foil production

Known as “post-impregnates,” they are suited to many applications, both in single-color versions and with a printed finish. They enable higher-quality printing than the familiar pre-impregnates, meaning they offer more benefits to converters.

Edging base paper

edging base paper

Edging base paper is produced with a smooth surface on one side so that it can be painted evenly.

Regenerated paper

Regenerated paper

Regenerated paper is made from recycled materials.

what is decor paper?

what are decor papers?

printing and processing decor paper

printing and processing decor papers


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