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Our fields of action

Proudly Working
for the Future

As a family enterprise, we want to make a sustainable contribution to society and the environment through our business operations.

The Important Areas
Where We
Are Taking Action

Successful, Future-Proof Products

One of the most important development goals for us revolves around biobased recyclable and biodegradable paper. This will not only help us achieve our own goals, but will also provide our customers with a powerful tool that they can leverage to reach their own sustainability objectives.

Goals until 2030

  • Our innovations are based on our sustainable development principles and help improve our environmental footprint.
  • Our product portfolio is completely safe for its intended uses, as well as being compatible with the requirements of circular economies.
  • The materials we use are predominantly from renewable raw materials or of mineral origin.

Renewable Raw Materials and Responsible Sources

As a company with a global reach, we can promote sustainable development along our entire value chain together with all stakeholders. Our suppliers share our high standards in relation to environmental, social, and ethical principles. Moreover, we are continuously improving the transparency of our supply chain.

Goals until 2030

  • Our virgin fibers originate from certified sustainable forestry and controlled sources.
  • We systematically record the origins of primary and secondary biomass.
  • The majority of our purchases have an EcoVadis rating or comply with an equivalent supplier code of conduct.

Resource Efficiency

Material, energy, and resource efficiency are all subject to continuous improvement. Production waste is always a potential source of secondary raw materials, and we are already using it for this purpose or are developing methods to do so. Our packaging paper is recyclable, providing it with much greater material efficiency than plastic. This way, we make it possible to replace linear value creation with circular value creation.

Goals until 2030

  • We optimize our material flows in terms of circular utilization. We use virgin and recycled fibers depending on where this is most effective and recycle a significant portion of our production waste.
  • We create transparency by recording and continuously monitoring our environmental footprint.
  • Through continuous improvement, we increase our resource efficiency and minimize negative impacts on the environment.

A Visionary Approach to Climate Action

Back in 2014 already, we set an ambitious goal to produce more renewable energy than we need for paper production by 2030. We are pushing the expansion of renewable energy production forward and further reducing our greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency. This way, we are making a positive long-term contribution to climate change mitigation and energy security.

Goals until 2030

  • By reducing our greenhouse gas emissions in comparison to the baseline year 2022, we are actively helping in the fight against climate change:
    • An 80 % reduction in direct emissions, i. e., emissions from the combustion of fossil energy sources for which we are directly responsible or which we control directly (Scope 1).
    • A 100 % reduction in indirect emissions from the use of purchased energy (Scope 2).
    • A 20 % reduction in indirect emissions arising upstream and downstream along our value chains (Scope 3).
  • As part of this, we are implementing measures to improve energy efficiency on a continuous basis.
  • We are committed to generating more energy from renewable sources than is required for our paper production operations on a balance sheet basis by 2030.

People, the Key to Success

The key to our success is the people who work at our company. This is why our employees’ health and safety take topmost priority and why we are continuously investing in development and advanced training opportunities and programs while proactively promoting diversity. We are an employer for anyone with talent who is able and willing to show commitment and dedication.

Goals until 2030

  • We support our workforce of around 2,500 highly dedicated employees worldwide.
    • We invest in quality training, further education, and professional development opportunities for our highly qualified workforce. We are actively addressing the challenges of demographic change.
    • The ability to have a healthy work-life balance is just as integral to our company culture as the active promotion of diversity is.
    • We attach enormous importance to the health of our employees. Our goal is to prevent 100 % of accidents. We are continuously raising awareness of occupational health and safety through targeted training and other measures.
  • We want to be considered a good neighbor and work on joint projects with our neighborhood.

Growing the Company’s Value

We want to achieve sustainable growth for our company through our sustainability goals and the actions derived from them. Success and profit make it possible for us to make the investments we need for sustainable development. In addition, we arrange for independent audits of our sustainability approach, as well as our actions and their results.

Goals until 2030

  • We are increasing sales by consistently developing all business areas.
  • A solid EBT and an adequate return on investment are the basis for investments in sustainable projects, innovations, and areas of growth.
  • An equity ratio of more than 50 % and a healthy capital structure ensure our financial stability and independence as a family company.
  • Achieving “Platinum” EcoVadis would vindicate our efforts to achieve our sustainability goals.

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