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digital printing paper

If you need small print-runs that make a big impact, then digital printing paper is especially suitable for customized and personalized printing. Our ICEWHITE IQ® natural paper offers the world’s best quality for HP Indigo and COLORline IQ, made from 100% secondary fibers, is unsurpassed in its quality.

These products are perfectly suited to HP Indigo, Xeikon and Xerox printing presses and offer a natural look and feel as well as producing a perfect printed image. As well as our natural paper, we offer reacto® Laser, a digital printing variety for carbonless paper.

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How does digital printing work?

Digital printing normally means that digital data, which is usually variable, is transferred directly from a file onto the printed material using a printing machine. It usually involves color printing and smaller print-runs, sometimes personalized, customized and tailored to particular target groups.
Digital printing does not require printing plates to be made beforehand, and the image and text can be transferred to the printer directly from the computer. This has many advantages and saves a lot of time. For example, printing plates do not have to be changed every time, and each sheet can be individually designed and personalized if required. Digital printing offers a high level of quality and is cost-effective for small print-runs.

What are the strengths of digital printing?    

  • Quick availability, high flexibility
  • Printing small runs (from one upwards)
  • Small print-runs are more economical in digital printing than in offset printing
  • Personalized, customized print-runs
  • Information from databases – enables targeted advertising
  • Print on demand
  • Saves time


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