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Our contribution to the
UN Sustainable Development Goals

Strategy 2030

Sustainable thinking and actions have always been an intrinsic part of the Koehler Group. In fact, sustainability principles are there every time we make a business decision. Our sustainability strategy reflects our focus on holistic growth, and rests on a solid foundation that is perfectly aligned with our guiding principle of “Proudly Working for the Future.”

Our 2030 sustainability strategy illustrates our focus on aligning the financial, social, and environmental aspects of the Koehler Group in order to create a more sustainable future. It is an essential component of the company’s corporate strategy, our operations, our values, and the way we conduct our business. With our sustainability strategy, we want to actively help drive our general transformation into a more sustainable economy and society.

Some essential parts of our sustainability strategy include climate neutrality, circularity, and people and their impact on the environment and the company. In order to keep pushing sustainable development forward within our company, we have assigned the selected topics to six different areas of action. The sixth area was added in 2022 in order to ensure that our sustainability strategy would be holistically integrated into the company.

Climate Strategy Goals for 2030

reduction in direct emissions by 2030, i. e., emissions from the combustion of fossil energy sources for which we are directly responsible or which we control directly.


reduction in indirect emissions from the use of purchased energy by 2030.

“We’re well prepared for the future: Our sustainability strategy reflects our company’s clear focus on holistic growth.”

Jens Kriete Koehler Group Sustainability Manager

Core Message of Our Sustainability Strategy

The Koehler group is a dynamic, independent family business. The company’s history is accompanied by a sense of responsibility and shrewd business decisions. Sustainability is a basic guiding principle for the way the Koehler Group does business, a cornerstone of the company’s strategy, and therefore an integral part of the organization. We stand for absolute reliability, loyalty, and entrepreneurial passion. This includes a high level of willingness to innovate and invest. This creates added value and trust in the long term, particularly among the staff and business partners.

In the future, the Koehler Group will endeavor to implement sustainable, innovative solutions along the value chain and achieve our ambitious climate change mitigation goals. We make appropriate and efficient use of our resources and protect our environment in the process. Occupational health and safety are fundamental components of this approach. This holistic approach allows us to continually improve our environmental and economic impact, as well as our contribution to society.

Together with our employees, we establish creative spaces in which we provide training and support, and learn and work on our development. Diversity and equal rights are something we strive toward and actively promote. Sustainability has long been a key concern for us and will always continue to be so.

Kai Furler
Koehler Group CEO

The Six Areas Where We Are Taking Action and Our Goals for 2030

Our sustainability strategy depends on us defining concrete and ambitious goals for all the areas where we are taking action. The result is a full map of the sustainability context and the issues that are crucial to the Koehler Group. By breaking our sustainability strategy down into areas of action and goals, we can organize our activities in a systematic manner and transparently communicate our performance and whether we are meeting the aforementioned goals.

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