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Recycled paper

Koehler offers a wide range of recycled paper suitable for various different types of office application, crafts, and high-grade ecological packaging.

Awarded the "Blue Angel" environmental label, that paper is made from 100% secondary fibers and offer a natural feel and intensive colors.

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Benefits of recycled paper

When waste paper is processed for paper production, it usually uses less energy and water than production using cellulose. Every time paper is recycled, it can be considered an extension of the life-cycle of fresh fiber paper, which reduces the consumption of primary materials.

The collection system

There is a long-standing tradition of recycling paper worldwide. It is not only done for ecological reasons. Waste paper is a valuable raw material and its re-use makes economic sense. It requires a well-developed collection system, so that waste paper can be collected and recycled in different quality categories. High-quality paper waste from printers ends up in a different system from mixed household material, and ideally, board is separated from paper as well. More and more office paper is also being collected separately in order to make the highest grades of recycled papers without losing much material. The world’s leading collectors are Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where around three out of four kilograms of paper are recollected and recycled. The average collecting level in the EU is about 65%.


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