Continuous improvement for outstanding procedures

Our company’s strength is in our willingness to change continuously. At Koehler, business processes and system procedures are constantly being re-assessed. One of the powerful instruments which we use is the integrated Koehler Management System.

We make use of internationally recognized standards to make our quality, occupational health and safety, environment and information security areas more efficient.


DIN EN ISO 9001:2015


Applying our Management System methodically and consistently ensures ongoing improvement.
This is supported by our team of auditors made up of people from various areas of the company.

Tasks of the Auditor Team:

  • Assist in and coordinate the development of the Management System
  • Provide points of contact and services for the divisions and departments in the event of problems and queries relating to operational procedures
  • Preparing and executing internal audits
  • Participating in external audits
  • Creating cross-divisional transparency
  • Completing tasks set out by the Board

DIN EN ISO 14001:2015


Our locations are near to people and the countryside, which means we have a special duty. Conserving resources remains inextricably linked with our efforts to safeguard the future of our company.

Data Privacy
DIN EN ISO 27001:2013


Making information processes transparent and efficient is one of the most important challenges facing modern corporations. Networking IT systems, applications, and the personnel who staff them is a significant organizational feat. Data privacy means regulating responsibilities and defining clear ways of handling corporate information. One important instrument is the right risk management system, which helps to identify weak-points and threats. Another major element of corporate security is setting up monitoring and internal auditing.

Health and Safety at Work
DIN EN ISO 45001:2018

Arbeits- und Gesundheitsschutz

The principles and guidelines of the Koehler Group have been guiding our corporate culture and shaping our business policies for many years. A key element in our business policy is our Koehler Management System, and one of its core elements is our commitment to our workforce’s physical safety. We do not want any accidents at work and we will do everything to achieve this objective at all of our locations.

Energy Management System
ISO 50001


The Koehler Group is an energy-intensive enterprise that has been investing in its own energy provision for many years, We now operate power plants at every location where we produce paper, and we want to keep generating electricity renewably in the future. ISO 50001 describes a globally applicable standard which aims to help organizations set up systematic energy management.
Systematic energy management means managing energy data as well as implementing technical activities, in particular strategic and organizational management approaches.

Food Safety Management
DIN EN ISO 22000:2018

Food Safety Management

The ISO 22000 standard is the overarching and internationally recognized standard for management systems in the food industry.
ISO 22000:2018 certification ensures the quality and safety of food along the entire production chain, from production to the consumer.
The handling of food requires structures and processes at all stages of production, processing and treatment that must be mastered to ensure the highest level of food safety and food quality.




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