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New paper machine for flexible packaging

Koehler Granted Operating License


Koehler has achieved a key milestone in the process of making paper machine 8 operational. The company has been given an alteration permit under pollution control law, allowing it to build a new paper machine complete with auxiliary equipment

Koehler Granted Operating License

At the heart of the new system are a 142-meter-long paper machine and a 96-meter-long coating machine. Koehler, represented by Chief Technology Officer Dr. Stefan Karrer, received the document from District Government President Bärbel Schäfer in a small official ceremony.

Innovation at Just the Right Time

During her visit, Ms. Schäfer was very positive about the partnership with Koehler, as well as Koehler’s plans for the new paper machine. She not only pointed out that paper is a product of the utmost relevance, but also expressed her delight that her office “is able to support these innovative products and projects in the region at just the right time.” She also emphasized the need to limit the increasing environmental harm caused by plastic waste.

Dr. Karrer is also fully aware of the project’s significance: “Working both independently and in conjunction with other institutions, our innovation department is committed to developing papers that can replace plastic packaging wherever it is feasible and sensible to do so,” he explains. “Once the paper machine has been completed in September 2019, we will initiate production, thus helping to reduce plastic consumption.”

National and European Standards Met

During the application process for the permit, Koehler was able to demonstrate that the system met the necessary requirements, especially in the area of environmental protection. The system complies with national standards concerning the state of the art, as well as European standards reflected in the best available technologies for the production of paper, cardboard, and paperboard.

The conditions at the Kehl mill, which offer a variety of environmental benefits, also played a major role in the decision to award the permit. The use of the existing power plant operated by Bio Energie Baden GmbH (BEB), which also belongs to the Koehler Group, results in considerable synergy effects based on the utilization of existing energy potential. Furthermore, CO2 from the power plant will be harnessed to make a filler used in paper production – instead of being released into the atmosphere. This will also reduce the number of truck journeys required to supply the filler. The existing works wastewater treatment plant will still be used for additional paper-related wastewater; thanks to its port, rail connection, and proximity to the A5 freeway, the location also boasts excellent transport Connections.

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