Application advice

Application advice and FAQ

How can I apply to work at Koehler?

Please apply online using the application form on our website under Jobs (link). You can upload various files (covering letter, CV, references) using the form. Please make sure you only upload PDFs and that they don’t exceed 10 MB in total.

Please note also that any further communication will also take place online, using the e-mail address you have supplied.

Are unsolicited and multiple applications allowed?

Because we’re always needing people to fill new positions, we look forward to receiving high-quality unsolicited applications. If you make an unsolicited application, you covering letter should clearly state the areas you’re interested in. You can also apply for more than one job. We will train you if necessary. That’s why you can only apply for advertised jobs in our Training and Dual Study Course areas.

What is the ideal time to apply?

There is no official application deadline at Koehler. As a rule: the earlier you apply, the better your chances are that the job will still be vacant. So don’t wait too long.

You can apply between 1 and 1.5 years before the start of training or studying if you are interested in a trainee position or dual course of study. Training and courses of study always begin on 1 September of each year.
Students applying for internships, final assignments or student employment should ideally plan to apply at least 6-8 weeks before they want to start.

What documents should I submit when applying?

You need to send us a covering letter, your latest CV, and any relevant references.
It is also important you tell us the earliest date you can start, or the notice you need to give, and the area you are applying for.

Covering letter – advertising yourself: Your covering letter should tell us about your motivation and your suitability for the job you want. Your covering letter should not exceed one A4 page, and it should be properly paragraphed. Please write in your own words and don’t use ready-made letters from the Internet. CV and covering letter should match each other in content and form.

CV – clarity is everything: Your CV should tell us everything you’ve done in your career to date and any qualifications you’ve obtained. To keep things clear, it’s a good idea to divide things up into different topics (such as personal details, school education, professional experience / internships, other qualifications). Please make sure all this is structured in reverse chronological order, without any gaps. CV and covering letter should match each other in content and form.
References – quality, not quantity: You should provide evidence of everything you’ve done in your training and career, especially qualifications and practical experience. But to make sure things remain clear among all the references, it is sensible to omit any which are irrelevant or far back in the past. You should order your references and start with the most recent one, so that we can follow them.

What is the selection process at Koehler?

Koehler’s selection process consists of a prior telephone interview and between one and three personal interviews, depending on the job. The selection process may vary somewhat depending on the position.
The selection process for trainee positions and dual courses of study consists of a prior online test and possibly a telephone interview as well as a personal interview. We may conduct several conversations and interviews (by phone and at our premises), and we may offer an internship, depending on the job description. We always aim to tell you very soon after an interview about what will happen next.

What will happen to my personal details?

Your documents will only be made available to people who are directly involved in the application process. These include, for instance, the case officer responsible and the HR manager, as well as the department involved. We will handle your application confidentially, protect it against unauthorized access and not give it to anybody else.

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