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printing process

Decor paper is mainly printed using the intaglio process. In this process, ink is applied to the paper by an engraved roller. Koehler decor paper can also be used in a digital printing process. The interplay between the paper color and various printing inks means the decorative design options are almost limitless. The printed designs range from wood and stone patterns all the way to fantasy designs.

Impregnating Process

In order to join decor papers to wood materials, the paper is soaked in melamine, urea or acrylate resin, depending on the application. Because this paper is highly absorbent and penetrable, it can soak up enough resin to ensure that a closed surface is created to a high quality standard.

Our decor papers are highly resistant to moisture, which allows them to pass smoothly through the impregnating plant.

coating process

Decor paper is joined to wooden boards using the latest pressing and laminating systems. The high temperatures and the corresponding pressure in the presses cause the thermosetting resin to harden. In this process, the decor paper is pressed onto the wooden material using textured press sheets or other structural templates, giving an almost entirely natural surface feel. In the laminating process, this is done using hot melt adhesives or urea-based/PVAc glues.

what is decor paper?

what are decor papers?

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