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The runner-up youth champion of magicians pays a visit to Koehler

Sorcerer’s apprentice meets global market leader


The 17-year-old Offenburg pupil Kiana Taiari amazed the Magic Circle with her card tricks. The newly crowned runner-up youth champion of magicians was now a guest of Koehler.

Sorcerer’s apprentice meets global market leader

She is a member of the German Magicians’ Association “Magic Circle”. Unlike many of her contem-poraries, Kiana Taiari does not consult YouTube for the latest makeup tutorials. Her object is inspira-tion in the art of card tricks. The 17-year-old from Offenburg combines diligence with talent. This has lately earned her the award of Vice Champion in the Magic Circle’s competition for Germany’s best youth magicians. A pupil at the girls’ grammar school Klosterschule Unserer Lieben Frau in Of-fenburg, she won the jury over with her card tricks and was officially declared the best young fe-male conjuror in Germany at this time.

An anniversary for Koehler: 85 years of playing card board

Plenty of reason for the nimble-fingered young award-winner to visit the global market leader for playing card board! Koehler welcomed the magician to Oberkirch in the very year of the anniversary – in 2019, Koehler celebrated 85 years of producing playing card board at its Oberkirch site. During her visit, she took a pack of cards, removed the jokers, and then got Koehler employees to mark the Queen of Hearts. With amazing confidence, she proceeded to pull the marked cards out of a freshly shuffled pile.

So how do you become the best German card magician under 18? The Iranian-born young conjuror, who has only lived in Germany for a few years, explains: “I developed my love of magic as I was watching magicians on TV. At some point I was given a magician’s kit, and I started watching the online videos that came with it. I decided pretty quickly that I wanted to do this professionally, and bought some books”. Bestsellers on Kiana Taiaris’ book shelf included titles such as “The School of Card Tricks in Four Volumes” and “The Expert at the Card Table”.

Practice makes perfect

It did not take long for the amateur to turn expert – but it did not happen by magic. It took hours of practice every day to achieve mastery: “I’m basically always fiddling around with cards. As I can’t do that in class, I’ll use pens instead.” Practice involved her siblings and parents, too, who had to draw cards from the committed conjuror all day long. Kiana vividly remembers: “They got pretty fed up at some point. But I also realized how wonderful it is to be able to relieve people from their everyday life for a few moments.” Kiana has mastered nearly 100 card tricks, which can afford hours of enter-tainment to her audience.

Her goal of becoming a professional is being achieved. The enchanting trickster can be booked for company events or private parties via her own website. She is now perfectly equipped for these occasions with cards from Koehler. They are just the same as the card sets used by the most famous casinos in the world. The Casino Classic and Casino Imperial qualities from Koehler with grammages from 260 to 410 gsm are the raw material of luck and magic all over the world.

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