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"No one is left alone"

Koehler’s New Compliance Manager on His Role as a Helper


Matthias Roth started his Job as Koehler Compliance Manager on October 1. A lawyer by profession, he joined Koehler from EnBW. In this interview, he talks about how he sees his role and why he isn’t here to lecture people.

Koehler’s New Compliance Manager on His Role as a Helper

Compliance Manager Matthias Roth

Editorial team: Mr. Roth, you joined the company in the role of Compliance Manager. What exactly is your job?

Matthias Roth: In the business world, the term “compliance” has increasingly become a vague buzzword in recent years. At its heart, it’s about following the rules. First and foremost, I see my job as helping all employees to follow the rules. I am here to help anyone who finds themselves in a day-to-day Situation where they are unsure about the right way to proceed. But compliance also involves the systematic management of risks. This means that I will perform a detailed risk Analysis in order to collate the legal risks affecting the company, the aim being to put the company in a position to counteract These risks appropriately.

Compliance managers are sometimes seen as “lecturers” within companies. Is that how you see yourself?

No, not in the slightest. What’s more, this image would significantly impair acceptance of my work. I’m not here to tell anyone at the company how to do their job. Instead, I want to help everyone recognize and better understand the legal risks (which everyone at Koehler faces on a daily basis) so that they can adjust their actions accordingly. I’m the go-to person in this regard. I will be implementing Special training programs for Departments in which the risk analysis has indicated particular legal risks in connection with their work.

It is often said that compliance is the responsibility of the company as a whole. What can each individual do?

That is absolutely true. It would be misleading to think that my presence automatically ensures compliance across the board. With my advisory and training work, I can put individual employees in a position to act compliantly, but I don’t monitor their day-today work. It can be expected that everyone at the company is familiar with the internal Koehler guidelines applicable to them. These clearly express what is expected by Senior management in terms of compliant conduct on the part of all at the company. What’s more, my support is available to anyone who is unsure of how to proceed. No one is alone when faced with a difficult situation, but they have to make use of the help available.

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