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85 years playing card board from Koehler

Koehler and its playing card board in 90 seconds


Koehler celebrates anniversary: The company has been producing playing card board at its headquarters in Oberkirch since 1934. On the occasion of this anniversary, a short film was produced in cooperation with the University of Arts and Design in Karlsruhe. This provides an insight into the company and offers exciting information about paper production.

"In 2019, Koehler is celebrating its 85th anniversary. It has been that long since the first coating machine was purchased at the Oberkirch site in 1934, enabling the production of coated playing card board." This was the start of a series of articles on "85 years playing card board from Koehler" in the first month of the anniversary year, which was followed by exciting reports on the subject of playing card board, its production and application.

Collaboration with the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HFG)

This month we were again able get something great off the ground. A short film of around 90 seconds was produced in collaboration with students of the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. It gave a simple and clear introduction to the Koehler company and its products using the example of playing card board.

The focus was on the topics of resources of paper production at Koehler, paper production itself and the application of playing card board. In order to present these subjects in a playful but realistic way, the two students designed all the models using only the company's own products, such as wood pulp board and recycled paper.

"Making a film about paper using this paper is something special," says Kathrin Rüll, student at the HFG studying communications design. "It is simply an ingenious material for design tasks."

The collaboration with universities is also an exciting experience for Koehler. "Projects such as this offer us the opportunity to take up new ideas from outside," says Christoph Müller-Stoffels, Head of Marketing and Communications at Koehler. "We benefit from this just as much as the students who implement the project."

This is confirmed not only by the collaboration with universities, the students are also close to the company's heart. "We train our people so well because we would like to keep them in the future," says Olaf Strick, Corporate Director HR & Legal Department at Koehler. This emphasizes the training seal BEST PLACE TO LEARN which Koehler has been allowed to display since last year. The Koehler Paper Group is a top level training company.

Everything about playing card board in one clip: resources, production and application

A lot of energy is required to manufacture products, and this also includes the manufacturing of playing card board. This is why Koehler opts for energy from environmentally-friendly resources. The subject of sustainability is also paramount in the procurement of raw materials. Koehler exclusively uses certified pulp.

The coated playing card board by Koehler is characterized by its high quality. The highest purity, opacity and a high restoring force are paramount. These properties are put to the test in various ways in the laboratory.

The card board is used around the world, such as in casinos in Las Vegas, and it passes through countless hands as a collectors’ card. No matter where the Koehler playing card board is used, the raw material comes from Oberkirch in the Black Forest, Germany.

See for yourself:

Playing Card Board since 1934

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