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Koehler Group: 2020 Financial Year



Koehler Group publishes figures for 2020 financial year: Despite the worldwide impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the fall of total sales for German paper industry, the Koehler Group managed to perform relatively well in its market and maintained its competitive edge and invested more than 91 Million Euros during 2020.


In the 2020 financial year, Koehler Group’s revenue fell by 11.7% to 769 million euros. The operating result of 66 million euros is significantly lower than the previous year’s figure and therefore significantly below target. Koehler Paper saw its sales volume fall by 1.5%, with the decrease essentially due to the decline caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Koehler Group’s equity grew by 29 million to 590 million euros during the previous financial year. The equity ratio therefore equals 57.2%, with a decrease in the balance sheet total, and has clearly exceeded the long-term objective of more than 40%.

Kai M. Furler, CEO of the Koehler Group, on the results of the financial year: “The previous year was not a good year for Koehler. Our export quota is 70%, which means that we are heavily influenced by global changes. This is something we have felt keenly during the coronavirus pandemic.” Above all, the restricted availability of raw materials on the world market and insufficient transport capacities have represented a challenge for the company since the end of last year. “Having prepared for this situation, we have so far survived the coronavirus crisis with only minor damage,” continues Furler.

Positive Outlook for the Current Financial Year 2021
After a difficult year in 2020, the Group is looking forward with confidence to 2021. Koehler Paper is planning for a significant revenue boost in 2021 compared to the previous year, for all divisions apart from thermal paper and fine paper. Further growth is also expected in the renewable energy business field. The acquisition of the Zollikofer Group in April 2021 will mean a significant increase in revenue and, in turn, in the operative result. Further acquisitions are planned in renewable energies such as biomass, wind, hydro and solar energy. In line with this, there are also plans to commission five further wind parks, two more biomass plants, and four photovoltaic plants in the medium-term.

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