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New calendar themes for 2022

Koehler Paper products bring calendar images to life


Koehler has once again come up with two great calendar designs for the new year. The annual calendars were created in collaboration with Quedlinburg Druck and graffiti artist Markus Schwendemann and demonstrate the great printability and feel of Koehler papers.

For many years now, Koehler Paper’s yearly calendar has been a fixture at the offices of the company’s customers. And while 2022 continued the tradition of working together with Quedlinburg Druck, the thematic focus instead changed to the “International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture.” The reasoning behind this? Simple. Fish is one of the world’s top foods, and this year’s calendar is intended to raise awareness of this and of answers to important questions such as: How much of the fish we eat really comes from artisanal fisheries? How much fish comes from aquafarming? How threatened exactly is fish? The Landsiedel I Müller I Flagmeyer agency took a considerable amount of time to truly shine a light on specific aspects of this topic and illustrate them with 13 images on premium recycled paper from Koehler Paper.

Recycled paper from 100% secondary fiber material gives calendar a special charm

The images were printed on 210 gsm
creative print diamant paper. This premium recycled paper features extraordinary printability and a wonderful feel, two characteristics that are readily apparent with the calendar. In fact, creative print is known as a premium design paper with natural coloration, and it is precisely the combination of excellent printing results and sustainability that make this Koehler Paper grade so popular.

Art with a spray paint can

The Koehler Paper art calendar for the coming year was the result of a collaboration with graffiti artist
Markus Schwendemann, also known under the pseudonym of “YEAH.” Markus Schwendemann lives and works in Offenburg, and his spray paint murals in public areas have made him an international figure in the last few years. More specifically, his creative work is known above all for its “close-ups.” Our art calendar combines graphic design, abstract art, and graffiti into a harmonious whole.

Natural papers show great printability and haptics

The sprayed images were printed on a selection of premium fine and recycled papers. Moreover, the calendar showcases the extraordinary printability and tactile properties of
ivory board in ultrawhite, superwhite, and chamois in various grammages and with various surfaces and of embossed playing card board, creative print, and creative board. In fact, the various surfaces and embossed finishes give the aforementioned close-ups a unique appearance and feel.

Koehler yearly calendar 2022
Koehler yearly calendar 2022
Koehler art calendar 2022
Koehler art calendar 2022

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