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Spotlight on Recyclability

Interseroh certifies Koehler flexible packaging paper with the "Made for Recycling" seal


Several Koehler flexible packaging paper have been certified by the environmental services provider Interseroh and awarded the „Made for Recycling“ seal. This includes Koehler NexPlus® Advanced, Koehler NexPlus® Seal Pure and Koehler NexPlus® Seal Pure MOB. Among other things, the after-life aspects of collection, sorting and recovery were analyzed. With this seal, the environmental services provider Interseroh certifies that the paper has a very good recycling capability.

Interseroh certifies Koehler flexible packaging paper with the "Made for Recycling" seal

With Koehler NexPlus®, Koehler Paper is meeting the rapidly growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions - and this extends beyond just the food industry. 

Sustainable packaging solutions from Koehler as a replacement for plastic

Koehler NexPlus® paper has a barrier coating with various capabilities and characteristics. In particular, these include barriers for odors, greases, oils, water vapor, or gases, which combine with the paper's inherent capabilities, such as high strength properties and a natural feel, to create a strong overall concept. The advantage of Koehler’s NexPlus® barrier paper is that it is manufactured from sustainable raw materials. After use, it is classified as wastepaper and is thus a sought-after recycled raw material.

Registration as paper reduces disposal fees for product packaging

Brand-name companies can register their Koehler NexPlus® product packaging with disposal companies as paper. Since this paper can be readily recycled, distributors are charged significantly less in license fees compared to classic composite solutions. With its "Made for Recycling" seal, Interseroh certifies that the Koehler NexPlus® Advanced paper, Koehler NexPlus® Seal Pure paper and Koehler NexPlus® Seal Pure MOB paper that it examined - disposed of and collected as wastepaper - have a very good recycling capability.
When the Koehler NexPlus® paper is recycled, the recovered material can add value to recycled paper. Recycling conventional plastic duplex packaging materials requires an extreme amount of processing. The costs are correspondingly high, and the economic feasibility is currently low. The result is significantly higher license fees.

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