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Product certification

French recycling association CITEO certifies Koehler Paper flexible packaging paper


The environmental service provider CITEO, a pioneer of sustainable development in France since the early 90s, has successfully certified various Koehler Paper flexible packaging paper offerings. Accordingly, companies selling branded goods in France can benefit from significantly lower license fees by using Koehler paper certified by CITEO.

French recycling association CITEO certifies Koehler Paper flexible packaging paper

With Koehler NexPlus®, the Koehler Group is meeting the rapidly growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions — and this extends beyond just the food industry. Koehler NexPlus® paper is characterized by barriers that fulfill various functions and feature a number of important properties. In particular, these include barriers that work against oxygen, odors, greases, MOSH/MOAH, and water vapor

Using Koehler paper reduces ecotax fees for distributors in France

Since 2022, French environmental agency ADEME has assigned what is referred to as an “Identifiant Unique” (unique identification number). This number serves as confirmation that the corresponding company is meeting its recycling obligations in France, where sustainable packaging is preferred for licensing. Accordingly, distributors of packaging that is highly recyclable can get a significant recycling cost discount. This will provide all distributors in France with a financial advantage if they decide to switch from conventional plastic packaging to sustainable packaging, of which our Koehler NexPlus® paper is a prime example.

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