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Thermal Paper Blue4est® from Koehler Paper

Europa‐Park Uses Blue Koehler Blue4est® Receipt Paper


Germany’s biggest amusement park, Europa‐Park, as begun using the innovative Blue4est® Thermal Paper of Koehler Paper. It’s also marketed under the name “Ökobon” in Germany.

Europa‐Park Uses Blue Koehler Blue4est® Receipt Paper

The blue receipt paper is durable, sustainable, recyclable and guaranteed to be free of chemically reactive components. Although fun and variety are the main focus at Europa‐Park, the family‐run enterprise that employs just under 4,450 people attaches enormous importance to sustainability as well. Using the blue Koehler receipt paper is one of the ways in which Europa‐Park is taking its customers’ interest in increased sustainability seriously.

Smooth Introduction at all 600 Europa‐Park Cash Registers
In most cases, traditional receipt paper cannot be disposed of as wastepaper, but is sorted into residual waste instead. This is not the case with the blue Thermal Paper from Koehler that Europa‐Park has been using at its 600 cash registers since August of this year. Willy Früh, Director Thermal Paper Division at Koehler, comments: “Users who switch over to our sustainable Blue4est® Thermal Paper usually do not have to incur in any additional investment costs. Simply put, the environmentally friendly receipt works with most printers on the market.” It should come as no surprise then that the process of switching the cash register systems at Europa‐Park to the new paper went perfectly smoothly.

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