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Koehler and Antalis

The Anniversary of a Successful Partnership


Koehler Appears at the Antalis In-House Trade Fair in the Finnish Town of Vantaa. Since one year Koehler enjoys strong presence on the finnish market thanks to Antalis.

The Anniversary of a Successful Partnership

“Personal contact between suppliers and customers is becoming ever more important in terms of turning business relations into genuine partnerships,” explains Sami Eskelinen, Product Management Manager and Digital Print Market Manager at Antalis Finland.
Thanks to just such a partnership, the Koehler Paper Group was invited to the company’s housewarming party in Vantaa, Finland, and was allowed to showcase its products at the in-house trade fair. At the same time, Koehler and Antalis Finland are celebrating the first birthday of their partnership – and Koehler’s Head of Sales, Volker Steuck, is delighted with the results so far.

Koehler Enjoys Strong Presence on the Finnish Market Thanks to Antalis

“Working with Antalis, we have gained a firm foothold on the Finnish market with reacto®,” he affirms. “The team has done a superb job and gained vital market share.” Thanks to Antalis, Koehler enjoys a strong presence on the Finnish market.
Eskelinen is also thrilled with the partnership. “Koehler possesses a very professional and experienced team,” he remarks. “They also have a strong customer focus and deliver consistently high quality.” This quality, coupled with the great service provided by Antalis, is something that customers value.

Considerable Interest in ICEWHITE IQ® and Colorline IQ

At the in-house fair, Steuck also presented products from the FineTech and ColorTech portfolios, not least the ICEWHITE IQ® and Colorline IQ digital printing papers. The industry visitors were clearly impressed by the high quality and brilliant printing results of the recycled papers. Visitors across the board – whether from printers, from advertising agencies, or end customers – showed great interest in the products on display. A fact that did not escape Antalis. “It goes without saying that we want to offer as broad a range of products from our partners as possible,” points out Eskelinen.
Volker Steuck will have happy memories of his trip to Finland. “Antalis is just the partner we were looking for,” he remarks. “I think we will be able to celebrate many more achievements together.”

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