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85 years of playing card board from Koehler

Learn an amazing card trick and impress your friends


Card tricks, like card games, are a cherished pastime for many people all over the world. Today there are countless card tricks of various kinds.

But it takes cunning, speed, and precision to perform a card trick convincingly. This usually requires years of experience and practice. Fortunately, however, there are also simple card tricks that you can learn quickly and amaze your audience.

With the help of our step-by-step instructions, we would like to explain a beginner’s card trick to you in a simple and understandable way. That’s because although we’ve produced premium-quality playing card board for 85 years here at Koehler, we too had to start somewhere when it came to learning card tricks.

For this trick you need a 52-card deck. A deck of poker cards is fine, for example, once you remove the joker cards. The first step is to shuffle the cards, and ask a spectator to pick three from the entire stack, which is face down. Once the spectator draws three cards, ask him to memorize them.

Kartentrick Koehler
Kartentrick Koehler

While he’s doing that, you can count out four stacks from the remaining cards as discreetly as possi-ble. The most important thing is the number of cards per stack, because this is a mathematical trick and won’t work otherwise. The first stack to your left must contain 10 cards, the second and third 15 cards each, and the last should contain the remaining 9 cards.

Kartentrick Koehler

In the next step, the spectator (or in our case the magician) lays the first card he drew face down on the first stack (the stack to your left). The magician/spectator then takes any number of cards from the second stack and lays them on top of the first stack and the card he laid on top. He then lays the second card face down on the second pile. Now he once again takes any number of cards from the third stack and lays them on top of the second stack and lays the last card face down on the third stack.

Now pick up the cards in an order that seems arbitrary to the spectator but not to an expert: from the fourth stack on the right to the first stack on the left.

The next step in this card trick is important: Take four cards from the top and place them under the deck. This tricks the spectator into thinking you shuffled the cards.  

Kartentrick Koehler

Now you’ve almost reached the end of the card trick. You can now start revealing the cards. When doing so, it is especially important to make sure you lay the first card face up and the second face down. Two stacks result: a stack of revealed cards that don’t contain the spectator’s cards and a stack of hidden cards that do.

Repeat this step until there are only two stacks of three cards each remaining. The stack of hidden cards now contains the spectator’s three cards.

Kartentrick Koehler

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