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Grammage means the mass per unit of area. It is a key indicator of many mechanical paper properties that are required for various flexible packaging paper applications.


Grammage means the mass per unit of area. In paper production, this is usually expressed as grams per square meter. The grammage of paper is a key indicator for a range of different mechanical paper properties. Where the production method and formula remain the same, higher grammages are generally stronger and stiffer. Lower grammages have lower material consumption per unit of area. The right grammage depends on the intended use of the paper.

Depending on how strong, stiff, or thick the paper is, it may not be possible to produce or use it on all production and processing systems. That’s because every paper, cutting, coating, printing, or packaging machine has a specific production range within which it can guarantee stable processing. Often, this range relates to the grammage as an indicator of the key mechanical properties.

Koehler Paper’s state-of-the-art production line 8 in Kehl boasts a major advantage: The paper machine and coating machine are designed for grammages of 22 to 80 gsm. This wide range is ideal for producing flexible packaging paper that meets the requirements of printing and packaging machines and can be used for many different packaging solutions.

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