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Visionary in Climate Protection

At Koehler, we are contributing to achieving the 2015 UN Climate Agreement in Paris.

We committed ourselves to our climate target already back in 2014:
Our goal is to generate more energy from renewable sources than we need for paper production by 2030. We have set new ambitious framework conditions for this climate target in 2020.

With our new innovative paper products, we have focused on
continuous and sustainable growth. This is in line with our roadmap on the expansion of the Group's own renewable energy generation to achieve our ambitious climate target. 

CO₂ Emissions

For the next years, we have set ourselves the goal of consistently reducing our CO₂ emissions.

Renewable Energy

Generate more energy from renewable sources than is needed for paper production by 2030.


of the Koehler Group greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1) will be saved by 2030.



Since 2003, we have already been able to reduce the specific water consumption of our Oberkirch mill by more than 30 percent. At our Kehl mill, we achieve a European top value with 4 litres per kilogramme of paper.

Rolf Peter, Leiter Umwelt und Anlagenkonzession bei der Koehler-Gruppe

“Water is and is becoming more and more a precious resource. As a player in the paper industry, it is part of our corporate responsibility to plan ahead, to keep the amount of water we use to a minimum, and to constantly optimise it further.”

Rolf Peter,
Head of Environment and Plant Concession Koehler Group


As a paper company, we are dependent on renewable raw materials. Therefore, the preservation of healthy and diverse  ecosystems is essential for us.

We have a significant impact on biodiversity
through our supply chain. Our sustainable forestry and plantation management shows that sustainable timber production and species conservation can be achieved at the same time.

Air Emissions &Noise

Protection against detrimental  environmental effects caused by emissions and noise from our facilities is regulated by the Federal Immission Control Act (Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetz, BImSchG). 

We comply with these obligations and continuously monitor key environmental parameters. We were able to meet all permitted concentration levels during the course of the reporting period.


We source a significant share of our raw materials from overseas. At the same time, we export our products worldwide. This obliges us to select the most environmentally sound transport options

For overseas exports, some of our goods are
transported to the see ports by inland waterway or rail. Our raw materials are also delivered, as far as this is technically and economically sensible, by water and/or rail.

Klaus Krieg, Bereichsleiter Supply Chain Management bei der Koehler-Gruppe

“With the increased use of rail, we increase supply security, reduce local road traffic and improve our environmental impact at the same time. A perfect combination.”

Klaus Krieg,
Head of Supply Chain Management Koehler Group

General Inquiries 



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