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Bringing Sustainability to the Chocolate Section

nucao Uses Koehler Paper for Its Chocolate Bar Packaging


Koehler Paper has teamed up with chocolate manufacturer nucao and taken another big step toward boosting sustainability on the chocolate shelf. The new chocolate bars from Leipzig-based company nucao are not only organic, vegan, and fair trade, they also use 100% paper packaging.

nucao Uses Koehler Paper for Its Chocolate Bar Packaging

The “Koehler NexPlus® Advanced” flexible packaging paper from Koehler Paper provides ideal protection for the chocolate thanks to its excellent oxygen, mineral oil, and grease barrier properties. The nucao bars are available from German retailers in four varieties: “Roasted Hazelnut Butter,” “Almond Butter & Sea Salt,” “Salted Caramel,” and “Crisp & Crunch.“ Koehler Paper will be presenting the chocolate bars and other applications for paper packaging at the Koehler Group booth A20 in Hall 4 at the drupa trade show in Düsseldorf from May 28 to June 7.

“Koehler NexPlus® Advanced” Flexible Packaging Paper Is Ideally Suited for Reuse in the Recycling Loop

When developing “Koehler NexPlus® Advanced” flexible packaging paper, the focus was on making it recyclable and ensuring it offered outstanding product protection. As a result, the paper can be recycled as part of a standard paper recycling process and can often be reused. This is also certified by the Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS, Paper Technology Foundation) and environmental service provider Interseroh. “The paper fibers can be reused up to 13 times. Working with nucao, a pioneer in the chocolate segment, we want to show that we are capable of putting the circular economy into practice and making sensible and sustainable use of the raw materials available to us,“ says Christoph Wachter, Director of the Flexible Packaging Paper division at Koehler Paper, as he explains the sustainability aspect of this flexible packaging paper. Compared to conventional plastic packaging, flexible paper packaging also significantly reduces the carbon footprint.

With the 360° sustainability approach that nucao takes to its chocolate bars, the company is not only advocating for a deforestation-free supply chain and fair remuneration for cocoa farmer families, but it is also taking a stand in the fight against plastic waste by using eco-friendly packaging—this is a never-seen-before combination of USPs in the supermarket chocolate shelf segment. Mathias Tholey, Co-Founder of nucao: “Many chocolate manufacturers focus on one green attribute, but fair trade, organic, or vegan alone is not enough to ensure your business is truly sustainable. You need the full package! Having worked with Koehler Paper to develop our recyclable paper packaging, we know from experience that they are a reliable and trustworthy partner.“

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