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World Ecolabel Day

Koehler celebrates with the “Blue Angel”


Koehler participated in World Ecolabel Day on October 17, 2019. Recycled paper from Koehler features the “Blue Angel” ecolabel and makes sustainability palpable. Use of resources and sustainability are very important across Koehler’s entire product range.

Koehler celebrates with the “Blue Angel”

Koehler is also focusing on its products that bear the “Blue Angel” ecolabel today for World Eco-label Day: the family company, which is in its 8th generation, actively contributes to environmental protection with its recycled paper. Over 50 countries are joining today’s environmental campaign with their products and services that have been awarded the “Blue Angel”. After all, at times when climate change and environmental protection in particular are becoming increasingly present in society, consumers’ awareness of sustainable purchases, actions, and living are increasing. “World Ecolabel Day is a very important day for our company. The ‘Blue Angel’ ecolabel makes us part of a global business community, and that makes us proud,” says Christoph Müller-Stoffels, press officer for the Koehler Paper Group.

World Ecolabel Day is being held today to increase awareness of sustainable consumption even fur-ther. Companies with the “Blue Angel” feature products and services that are environmentally friendly and have a demonstrably smaller impact on the environment. For the second time, this day has been initiated by the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN); its environmental labels are among the strongest of their kind in the world. Thus, this day revolves around the following environmental la-bels, for instance: the “Green Seal” environmental label exists in the USA, the “Nordic Swan Ecolabel” is used in Europe’s northern countries, and the “EU Ecolabel” is used within the European Union. And all of them provide guidance for making sustainable purchases. In Germany, consumers know the “Blue Angel” and thus place their trust in one of the most highly recognized quality seals.

Recycled paper from Koehler bears the “Blue Angel” ecolabel

The “Blue Angel” ecolabel is the symbol that the German federal government uses to protect people and the environment. For over 40 years, it has served as a guide for selecting environmentally friend-ly products and services.

Koehler’s recycled paper made of 100% high-quality secondary fibers, which are produced at the plant in Greiz, also have the honor of bearing the “Blue Angel” ecolabel. They are especially well suit-ed for high-quality packaging for exclusive products such as in the perfume, cosmetics, and electron-ics segments. Additionally, these products’ strong colors and excellent finishing properties set them apart. Their natural surface structure gives them a lasting, good feel.

Sustainability is part of the corporate strategy

The issue of sustainability is one of the corporate goals Koehler has declared and lives. Sustainability is a part of the corporate strategy and plays an essential role in all areas. “With the recycled paper from the brand Euler and the GREEN LIGNIN products from The KATZ Group, which have also been awarded the ‘Blue Angel’ ecolabel, we not only have our fingers on the pulse of the times but also contribute to environmental protection as a company,” Müller-Stoffels emphasizes.

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