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SPD Minister Tiefensee Visits Koehler Paper Plant in Greiz as Part of His Summer Tour


As part of his summer tour, Wolfgang Tiefensee, Thuringia’s Minister for the Economy, Science and Digital Society, visited Koehler Paper’s Greiz site. During his visit, among other things, he found out about the progress of decarbonization at the Koehler site in Thuringia.

SPD Minister Tiefensee Visits Koehler Paper Plant in Greiz as Part of His Summer Tour

This year’s summer tour is focusing on the topic of “decarbonization and sustainability”. Only a few weeks previously Anja Siegesmund, Thuringia Minister for the Environment, Energy and Nature Conservation, visited Koehler Paper at its Greiz site to assess the situation for herself.

Significant Reduction in CO₂ Emissions

Koehler Paper’s Greiz site will be switching its power plant from lignite dust to wood fine fraction fuel before the end of the year. As large volumes of energy are needed for paper processing and drying, the company started up its own combined heat and power plant at the site in 2010. It has a rated thermal input of 16.7 MW and generates up to 19 metric tons of steam according to demand, as well as electricity to supply the production plant. The switch to fine wood fraction fuel is part of the Koehler Group’s climate strategy. Koehler has set itself the goal of producing more energy with its own renewable energy facilities from renewable sources than is required for its paper production operations by 2030. 

Switching from lignite to fine wood fraction will enable savings of more than 24,000 metric tons of CO₂ emissions per year at the Greiz site. The Koehler Group has spent a generous 6.5 million euros on the entire conversion. “By investing in the power plant conversion, the company is underlining once again that its sustainable strategy is about more than just sustainable products,” says Udo Hollbach, Managing Director of Koehler Paper at the Greiz site.

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