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Koehler decor papers - explained in a short film

A product we encounter every day - Koehler Paper brings end consumers closer to the use of decor papers


Every day, end consumers come into contact with products that have been produced using decor papers. But only a few are aware of this. Koehler Paper therefore addresses the target group of end consumers with an educational video.

The video uses simple words and vivid images to show what is behind the term "decor papers". The aim is to create an awareness of how often we encounter this product in everyday life and in which areas it is used. Especially in the furniture industry, for the production of laminate floorings or also in the caravaning sector, Koehler decor papers serve as a sustainable basis for furniture, flooring and panels. Particularly for the decorative coating of wood-based materials, these speciality papers are impregnated and laminated with duro-plastic resins either in printed form or in solid colors. 

Koehler focuses on sustainability

As an energy-intensive company, Koehler is pursuing an ambitious sustainability strategy and has set itself the goal of generating more energy from renewable sources by 2030 than is required for its own paper production. For this reason, in addition to its core business of paper, the Koehler Group is increasingly investing in the field of renewable energies and already operates its own biomass cogenera-tion plants, wind energy and hydropower plants.

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