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Koehler Paper sponsors Italian artist Enrico Mazzone with 250 meters of recycled paper


The Koehler Paper Greiz site is sponsoring Italian artist Enrico Mazzone with paper for his most recent large-scale project. Koehler Eco® Black enables artwork to take center stage.

Koehler Paper sponsors Italian artist Enrico Mazzone with 250 meters of recycled paper

Enrico Mazzone, who was born in 1982 in Turin, Italy, is a visionary and talented artist known for his grandiose “Rubedo,” a visual representation of the Divine Comedy. With a height of four meters and a length of 97 meters, “Rubedo” is the biggest work of art to have ever been made on paper, and it took Enrico Mazzone around 6,000 pencils to complete it over a period of five years. The artist is constantly on the search for inspiration and challenges, and during this summer prepared for his latest project after finishing “Rubedo”: The Book of Revelation reproduced on paper with a total length of one kilometer. 

But what really makes it special is that Enrico Mazzone draws with a style all of his own. He uses pencils to draw thousands of small points extremely close to each other so that areas are completely filled. Due to the enormous size of this artwork, the artist will be completing it in four parts: 4 x 250 meters.

Koehler Eco® Black enables artwork to take center stage

Koehler Paper provided Enrico Mazzone with its newly developed Koehler Eco® Black recycled paper for his large-scale project. This paper, which makes a compelling aesthetic case with its deep and rich black color, also makes a compelling environmental case with the “Blue Angel” and EU ecolabels. Koehler Eco® paper is made in a carbon-neutral manner and is lightfast and resistant to bleeding, color migration, and rubbing. “We’re very happy that our paper is once again being given the opportunity to show everything that makes it so compelling and that we can contribute a bit to the success of this large-scale project,” says Udo Hollbach, managing director of the Koehler Paper Greiz site. “We’re already very excited to see what the Book of Revelation will look like through Enrico Mazzone’s modern interpretation,” he continues.

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