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Rio-Antirrio Bridge toll receipts are now blue


The Rio-Antirrio Bridge, also known as the Charilaos-Trikoupis Bridge, is a road bridge that exists since 2004 and crosses the Rio-Antirrio Strait in Greece at the entrance to the Gulf of Corinth.

Rio-Antirrio Bridge toll receipts are now blue

What makes it special? – On the one hand, the Greece’s national bridge was built in an earthquake zone over a strait 2.5 km wide and 65 m deep without stable ground, and on the other hand, the bridge's toll booths have recently started using Koehler Paper's environmentally friendly Blue4est® thermal paper for their toll receipts! This is part of the "Green Bridge" action plan, as the blue Blue4est® thermal paper is 100% recyclable and helps the bridge, represented by its main shareholder GEFYRA S.A., to reduce its carbon footprint by 84.5% since 2015. In line with the motto "EASIER - QUICKER & GREENER", the messages on the back of the blue receipt call on users to participate in the joint efforts of the company and its customers in favor of the environment.

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