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Recycled paper from Koehler

PresentFill® and Koehler Paper Group: A colorful collaboration


Sustainable recycling management is becoming increasingly important in trade and industry. Colorful recycled paper from Koehler makes PresentFill® boxes and fill material more environmentally friendly.

PresentFill® and Koehler Paper Group: A colorful collaboration

A product’s packaging is crucial for 70 percent of consumers in their decision to buy. The circular economy is thus increasingly becoming a strategic topic in the sustainability efforts of trade and industry. In addition to transport containers, packaging includes fill material to protect the packed goods. The fact that packaging is increasingly being considered with regard to environmental protection and recyclability has been conducive to the success of the Bavarian company PresentFill®

Company founder Gerald Göbel started producing filling and padding material in 2013. The “raw material” in the form of recycled paper has been delivered ever since by the Koehler Paper Group from their factory in Greiz, Thuringia. There, the family company produces recycled paper from 100% secondary fiber material, proving, through the use of brilliant colors, that sustainability can be colorful. Christoph Braun, Sales Manager at Koehler: “With our high-quality recycled paper, we're showing that environmental protection in the paper industry does not necessarily mean somber brown-grays, and that 100% “Made in Germany” is possible.”

This in turn is appreciated by Gerald Göbel, as he can offer his customers more than just fill material with high-quality texture and in brilliant colors with sustainable Koehler paper. “We've added wine and wrapping paper, as well as gift baskets and magazine files to our portfolio,” says Göbel. Koehler's recycled paper with its natural texture is also used for this. Being backed with corrugated board gives it more rigidity and appeal. 

But what’s even more important to the PresentFill® founder: “Wrapping paper often belongs to our clients’ product offering. These include producers of natural cosmetics or renowned fine food merchants. We are able to offer them sustainable solutions based on Koehler products. This involves fill material and packaging that exhibits high color fidelity, ensures the safety of children’s toys in accordance with DIN EN 71-3, offers excellent possibilities for finishing, is chlorine- and acid-free, and is produced according the highest environmental standards.”

Braun considers the collaboration with PresentFill® and Göbel to be innovative and fruitful, bringing the recycling idea to the forefront of the paper industry: “We have been given the opportunity to be directly visible to end customer – that really spurs us on and is a true honor. We are showing through our products that recycled paper can leave a brilliant impression. This is an affirmation of our strategy of continuing to lead the colorful recycled paper market as a premium provider.”

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