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Koehler creek sponsorship

Weidenbach/Stangenbach creeks now once again free from trash and knotgrass


Koehler exhibits responsibility for the environment. The subject of sustainability is on the training plan. The river mussel found is an indicator that environmental protection is effective.

As part of Koehler’s sponsorship of the Weidenbach/Stangenbach creeks in Oberkirch, Germany, the company’s trainees, under the guidance of Environmental Officer Rolf Peter, are regularly engaged in protecting flora and fauna. In early summer, skilled specialists of the future collected trash from the banks, ensured light could penetrate a bridge, and removed knotgrass – one of the most important tasks of this environmental campaign. This invasive plant is a neophyte (a plant that is not native and becomes established thanks to human influence) and is considered a pest. If it is not removed, it contributes to the erosion of banks and drives out natural vegetation. In addition, the hardworking helpers cleared the boards, sponsored by Koehler, along the information trail.

The conservationists were rewarded with a very special experience: During their work, they found an example of the rare thick-shelled river mussel in the Weidenbach creek. It is strictly protected and threatened with extinction. It indicates the good ecological state of the water, which is crucial for the survival of the sensitive creature. 

The Koehler creek sponsorship began in 1997 and is a sign that the company assumes responsibility in the region and raises awareness among both employees and trainees of environmental protection and an environmentally friendly way of working. It is also an objective to promote and protect diversity with respect to plants and animals living in and by the water.

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