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Recycled Paper for Digital Printing

COLORline IQ at the Papier Union’s In-House Exhibition


This partnership recently led to Papier Union, an important wholesaler, including Koehler’s new product Colorline IQ in its range.

“In my opinion, a relationship built on trust and reliability is crucial to the success of long-term projects,” said Sven Bartels, head of the Paper Union’s digital-printing center of excellence, when asked what he appreciates about working with the Koehler Paper Group.

Reliable Products and Relationship Built on Trust are the Keys to Success

The decision wasn’t difficult for PU, because the company wants to serve its customers as a reliable partner. “The strategic focus of the Paper Union’s digital-printing department is clearly on the premium segment,” said Mr. Bartels. “That means we want to offer reliable products at a competitive price.”

Colorline IQ is not the first Koehler product offered by thePapier Union – Koehler’s digital-printing paper ICEWHTE IQ® has been part of the wholesaler’s permanent collection for three years now. “Our experience so far has been extremely positive,” said Mr. Bartels. “The partnership has so far been outstanding for all three years.”

PU and Koehler presented the new product together at the in-house exhibition “Inspiration@work” in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, where both printers and advertising agencies showed great interest in the recycled paper. “The feedback was outstanding,” said Christoph Braun, sales manager of wholesale at the Koehler Paper Group. “We know we have a world-class product, but the overwhelmingly positive response exceeded our expectations.”

Colorline IQ – the Premium Paper in Recycling Quality – Delivers What It Promises

Colorline IQ is a digital-printing paper based entirely on recycled fibers that was even awarded the “Blue Angel” eco-label.“ It meets many customers’ demands for a professional recycled paper that is ideal for printing and processing and runs smoothly through the machines,” said Mr. Bartels, who is certain that it will not be the last paper from Koehler that the two companies will market together.

According to Mr. Bartels, although Koehler hails from the Black Forest, the company is a perfect match for the Hanseatic attitude of PU, based in Hamburg, that a handshake is all that’s needed to seal a deal, so to speak. “Koehler and its team stand for values such as trust, reliability, and partnership,” he said. “Whatever is discussed and decided is what’s meant and will be done.” Christoph Braun can only return the compliment. “We look forward to many more successful years working with Paper Union.”


Sales assistant Bertel Vollmer and sales director Christoph Braun (both on the right side)  honor the winning team of the ICEWHITE IQ®-race at the harness racing track  in Gelsenkirchen.

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