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Recycled Paper

Koehler Paper in Greiz to sell its premium recycled paper products under the new “Greenium” brand name in the future


For over two years now, the Koehler Paper site in Greiz and its premium recycled paper made of 100% secondary fiber material have been accompanied by the “Sustainably Premium” tagline on the market. This should come as no surprise, as recycling and premium quality are not mutually exclusive at Koehler Paper Greiz. In fact, they go hand in hand.

Koehler Paper in Greiz to sell its premium recycled paper products under the new “Greenium” brand name in the future

By taking this one step further, the company is redefining the brand positioning for the new premium products that have been sold under the Euler brand to date so that this positioning will bring the products’ quality, exclusivity, and all-natural properties to the foreground. This focus on what makes them special should make them even more appealing to the relevant brand owners, agencies, and processors.

The company’s premium recycled paper products are being re-positioned

Radiant colors, an extraordinary feel, one-of-a-kind embossing options, and even outstanding printing properties on digital and offset printers – and all of this without having to use virgin fibers? Absolutely, and this is the future of paper that the Koehler Paper Greenium brand represents. Greenium creative board, creative print, COLORline IQ, and Koehler Eco® paper products made of 100% secondary fiber material are intended as a sustainable and premium alternative in the areas of top-quality packaging and printed products. “When a brand has been around for a long time, you can build on its values. That’s why the way the Greenium brand is evolving tells the same brand story of tradition, sustainability, innovation, and quality that has always characterized us,” explains Udo Hollbach, managing director of the Koehler Paper Greiz site. “With Greenium, we’re combining recycling with premium quality and directly appealing to brand owners of luxury brands.” In fact, a number of international brands have already been using Greenium paper products for over a year now.

A new addition to the Koehler range of products: Eight new colors round out the Koehler Eco® portfolio

The Koehler Eco® range of products is in use successfully across the entire globe. Its premium recycled paper, which is made from 100% secondary fiber material, is one of a kind: lightfast, resistant to abrasion and bleeding, and carbon-free. And now with eight new additional colors. Effective immediately, the following colors are available for the Koehler Eco® portfolio in addition to the familiar white, nautical blue, deep grey, and black: jade, clay, dust, winter sky, rose quartz, mud, sage, and sulfur. These light colors complement the classic ones and can provide a broad variety of applications with a certain vibrancy and lightness. These new colors, as well as the previously existing ones, are all conducive to extraordinary printing results and are absolutely perfect for further processing. Koehler Eco® paper products are available in a wide variety of grammages and with a number of embossing options that can be applied upon request.

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