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Wind power in Kehl

Koehler Paper and Badische Stahlwerke have launched a feasibility study for wind energy in the Rhine port of Kehl


Koehler Paper and Badische Stahlwerke (BSW), a steel producer, have teamed up with the Rhine port of Kehl to study the feasibility of harvesting wind energy at the port facilities. They hope to find out if building wind turbines is a feasible solution to suppling their own energy at the companies' sites in Kehl.

Koehler Paper and Badische Stahlwerke have launched a feasibility study for wind energy in the Rhine port of Kehl

Energy cost in Germany have risen drastically in the last two years – a huge challenge for energy intensive companies like Koehler Paper and Badische Stahlwerke, especially given the intense international competition faced by both companies. At the same time, both companies need to source a significant quantity of electricity from renewables to meet the climate goals of the German national government and the government of the state of Baden-Württemberg, as well as the self-imposed climate goals of the companies themselves.

Wind measurements set to start in June

A species protection assessment and an environmental impact study have already been commissioned. Wind measurements are now scheduled to start in June. The feasibility study also includes an analysis of noise emissions and economic viability. The feasibility study is scheduled to last through the summer of 2025, and should indicate whether the site is suitable for wind turbines.

An important step toward security of supply and climate-neutral production

"If the results of the feasibility study are positive and we are able to construct a wind energy plant at the facilities of the Rhine port of Kehl, it would mean huge progress in the effort to supply our own energy needs. This is one of the most urgent topics for a company with energy-intensive production processes such as ours. How can we secure our energy supply over the long-term and thus guarantee the economic viability of the site? Securing our sites and protecting jobs in Germany for years to come is our driving concern here”, says Dr. Stefan Karrer, COO of the Koehler Group.

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