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Koehler Paper Award

Koehler Paper Presents the “Koehler Paper Award” for the First Time


Koehler Paper recently presented the inaugural Koehler Paper Award at Munich University of Applied Sciences. The prize is awarded for outstanding performance in biopolymer chemistry, biogenic fibers, and surface finishing on the Paper Technology Bachelor's program, and in minerals, coating, and specialty paper on the Paper Technology Master's program.

Recognizing and raising awareness of outstanding achievements by young scientists is a key concern for Koehler Paper. Luca Nusser, from the Paper Technology Bachelor's program, and Daniel Perez, from the Paper Technology Master's program, were the award winners for the 2022 spring semester. Alexej Dmitrenko, Head of Personnel Consulting and Support, and Thomas Peter, General Production Manager at Koehler Paper's Kehl site, congratulated the winners and presented them with their certificate and EUR 1,000 prize money at a large awards ceremony on July 29, 2022. The students are free to spend the prize money however they wish.

Alexej Dmitrenko states: “We are delighted to be able to present the award and recognize the graduates’ outstanding achievements. We created the Koehler Paper Award to encourage young people and will now be awarding it to students each semester at Munich University of Applied Sciences.”

The students have clear ideas about their future. Daniel Perez your clear idea is: “I want to start my career as an engineer and am already in discussion with Koehler Paper’s Kehl site about making this a reality.”, and Luca Nusser: “I will start in October the Paper Technology Master`s program and I would like to stay in contact with Koehler Paper".

Thomas Peter, Production Manager at Koehler Paper's Kehl site, presented Luca Nusser, Paper Tech-nology Bachelor’s graduate (picture on left) and Daniel Perez, Paper Technology Master's graduate (picture on right), with the Koehler Paper Award for their outstanding achievements. / Source: Munich University of Applied Sciences

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