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Koehler Paper Forms Strong Alliance for Environmental Luxury Packaging


“Papyrer von der Goeltzsch” project makes sustainable, high-quality packaging a reality . Koehler Paper cooperates with RISSMANN, druckpartner and bellazinnfigur. High-quality recycling paper from Koehler Paper used.

Koehler Paper Forms Strong Alliance for Environmental Luxury Packaging

“Der Papyrer von der Goeltzsch,” a collaborative project between companies Koehler Paper, RISSMANN, druckpartner and bellazinnfigur, focuses on two traditional handcrafts: namely, paper production and tin casting. These two traditional materials also have a big future too. Paper and tin are natural products that provide a real sensory experience. The project stands for outstanding craftsmanship, responsible production, sensory materials, and sustainable use of resources. Above all, it shows how sustainability and high-quality packaging can be combined to produce luxury items.

Focus on sustainability in the “Papyrer von der Goeltzsch” collaborative project

Koehler Paper came up with the idea of producing sustainable yet high-quality packaging, containing a historical tin figure. The limited-edition box contains a high-quality printed and finished booklet containing interesting information on the “Papyrer von der Goeltzsch”, as well as a postcard and a tin figure. “Our recycling paper are a sustainable alternative for use in luxury packaging, with no compromises made in terms of quality, reliability or appearance. The ‘Papyrer von der Goeltzsch’ project is a great example of this,” stresses Udo Hollbach, CEO of Koehler Paper at the Greiz mill.

The manufacturer was also able to bring bellazinnfigur on board as a partner to produce the tin figure. The figure, which is engraved on both sides, shows the medieval “Papyrer von der Goeltzsch” at his vat. The background features a watercolor diorama depicting a paper workshop from the late 16th century. This composition tells the story of the Göltzsch river in Germany’s Vogtland region, where high-quality paper was being produced over 400 years ago.

Recycling paper from Koehler Paper used

The high-quality, luxury box, as well as the booklet and the postcard, were produced with the help of project partners druckpartner and RISSMANN. RISSMANN is a leading producer of exclusive and bespoke packaging solutions for the branded product industry in the high-end consumer and luxury goods sector. Printing and media house druckpartner is one of the industry’s most engaged companies, particularly when it comes to sustainability. The printing house is certified by all renowned environmental labels, with institutions such as Bluegreenprint and Firstclimate certifying that the printing process is climate-neutral for certain orders.

The box is a shining example of how traditional craftsmanship and sustainability can be combined. It also clearly demonstrates how recycling paper and cardboard can meet the highest requirements in terms of elegance and quality. The box, the booklet, and the postcard were produced entirely using recycling paper from Koehler Paper. Creative print champagne 120, 270 and 350 g/m² and Koehler Eco Black 120 g/m² were used to make the box. The booklet was printed on creative print champagne 90 g/m² and 210 g/m². Specially developed digital print paper COLORline IQ diamant 340 g/m² was used to print the postcard.

The recycling paper, made from 100% secondary fiber, not only boast the “Blue Angel”, EU and FSC® (C016508) ecolabels, they also stand out thanks to their rich colors. “We are very proud to have contributed our expertise and help played a part in the success of the ‘Papyrer von der Goeltzsch’ project,” says Michael Matschuck, CEO at druckpartner. Udo Hollbach explains: “Thanks to the cooperation, commitment and expertise of all those involved, we have created a very special project here. Be inspired by these ancient crafts, which are the basis for modern industrial production techniques, and admire every facet of the exquisite paper box and historic tin figure.”

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