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Training start 2022

Koehler Group Welcomes 2022 Trainees and Students


34 school leavers are beginning their training or dual work-study program within the Koehler Group. CEO Kai M. Furler welcomes the new trainees and students in person. Two new training programs from the start of the September 2022 training year.

Koehler Group Welcomes 2022 Trainees and Students

On the first day of training on September 1, CEO Kai M. Furler welcomed 30 new trainees and students in the ‘Halterhof’ in Oberkirch-Ödsbach. This year, the Koehler Group is training IT systems integration specialists, industrial managers, mechatronics engineers, machine and system operators, and paper technologists. In addition, one student started their dual work-study program in business information systems and a paper technologist began their “Studium plus” (Study plus) program, company-based training with a course of study at the Paper Center in Gernsbach. One trainee began their training to become a paper technologist at the KATZ subsidiary at the Weisenbach site and another two began their training at the Greiz site.

Two New Training Programs at the Company Headquarters in Oberkirch

The start of the new training year also sees Koehler training IT systems integration specialists in Oberkirch for the first time, as well as machine and system operators. “We are delighted that yet again this year we have been able to inspire a large number of young people to undertake training at Koehler and also that we have been able to add two new training programs. This means that we are investing in our future employees,” says Stefan Grözinger, Head of HR Development and Training and Occupational Health Management at Koehler.

The trainees and trainers were able to get to know one another on two open induction days at the start of the training programs. Following the official welcome by the trainers, Kai M. Furler, CEO of the Koehler Group, personally welcomed the new trainees: “We are proud to be able to welcome all our new trainees to the Koehler family, our hope is that you will all stay at Koehler in the long term. We ask that you make the most of the demanding training program at Koehler and remain open to whatever comes your way during the program.”

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