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Koehler Employees Make 110 Christmas Wishes Come True

Koehler Christmas Tree Initiative: Employees Make the Wishes of People in Need Come True


This year, the local Koehler Group Works Council for Oberkirch and Kehl organized its 18th “Christmas Tree Initiative” in collaboration with the charities Caritas and Diakonie.

Koehler Christmas Tree Initiative: Employees Make the Wishes of People in Need Come True

This unique initiative involves collecting Christmas wishes from those in need around the region. The wishes, which are written down on pieces of paper, were symbolically presented by Anke Endress and Carmelo Scalisi from Caritas and Dietmar Seiler-Fritsch and Petra Berger from Diakonie just before the start of Advent. For the local works councils and Koehler employees, who eagerly await the launch of the Christmas Tree Initiative each year, this marks the start of the Advent period.

Unique initiative by the Koehler Works Council

In previous years, 100 Christmas wishes were fulfilled. This year, there were a greater number of people in need, so the number of wishes was increased to 110 in order to give more people a little surprise this Christmas. Koehler employees were able to select whatever wish they wanted to fulfill, and it took only three days for all the wishes to be claimed. The gifts requested included warm clothing, toys, food packages, and cosmetics—all items that many of us take for granted, but which represent a major investment for people in need. After all, there is no greater gift than seeing the smiles on recipients’ faces, which is why the Koehler Christmas Tree Initiative brings joy to all those involved.

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