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Edintore Windfarm Ltd.

Subsidiary Koehler Renewable Energy supports local projects


KRE makes a social contribution in the Corona crisis. Community Fund of Edintore Wind Farm in Scotland, together with its joint venture partner Vento Ludens, support local charitable groups working to help people affected by the corona pandemic.

Subsidiary Koehler Renewable Energy supports local projects

"It's times like these that show how companies take their responsibility seriously," says Nicolas Christoph, authorized signatory of Koehler Renewable Energy (KRE) and Managing Director of Edintore Windfarm Ltd. In a company that already has renewable energies in its name, it would appear to be obvious how it takes care of society – namely with clean energy. However, KRE is also making a social contribution to support people who are in urgent need of help at the moment due to the corona crisis.

Via the Community Fund of Edintore Wind Farm in Scotland, KRE and its joint venture partner Vento Ludens are also supporting local charitable groups working in the area around the wind farm, in order to help people affected by the Corona pandemic. These are groups that help households in financial difficulties, for example due to a loss of earnings or unemployment, by donating food. Projects against social isolation and other support groups also receive money from the fund.

In total, the Edintore Wind Farm Fund is providing an initial amount of 14,000 British pounds (around 15,670 euros) for this purpose. This money comes from funds that the company makes available each year to support local initiatives. The money is usually spent on infrastructural improvements around the Edintore Wind Farm, but at the moment, the focus is on providing assistance to combat the effects of the Corona pandemic.

"We are happy to be able to make a small contribution with money from the fund," says Nicolas Christoph, who is aware of the difficult economic situation to the northwest of Aberdeen. "NGOs from the area around Edintore Wind Farm are approaching us and may continue to do so. We'll help wherever we can."

More about the Edintore Wind Farm

The Koehler Energy Group has been operating a wind farm in Edintore near Keith in Scotland together with vento ludens Ltd. since September 2016. The park consists of 6 Enercon E92 turbines, each with 2.35 MW and a total height of 125 meters (410 feet). Due to the excellent wind conditions, they generate enough electricity to supply around 10,500 households.

More about Koehler Renewable Energy

Koehler Renewable Energy (KRE) has been a subsidiary of the Koehler Group since 2012. Since then, it has implemented numerous wind power, photovoltaics, hydropower and cogeneration projects. The experts at KRE are experts at all stages of the value chain: acquisition, planning, development and smooth long-term operation are guaranteed by the employees’ many years of expertise.

For the coming years, KRE is aiming for continuous growth. The company's headquarters are located in the southwest of Germany. KRE plans and operates the projects in Germany and abroad.

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