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Index board - a real Koehler classic


Koehler has been producing colored paper such as index cardboard for more than 100 years. It is still popular for applications such as registers, brochures or index cards. Now the stock range has been expanded.

Index board - a real Koehler classic

Koehler's index board has been a real classic for many years. It is unimaginable, but colored paper like the index board already appeared in the Koehler Paper production book more than 100 years ago. This shows us that such a traditional quality is still up-to-date and is still used by our customers for various applications such as registers, brochures, index cards and much more.

Expansion of the stock range

We are even more pleased to be able to expand our range to include the 70 x 100 cm LG and SG formats and thus meet the wishes of our customers. This format is available from one pallet in the colors white, yellow, buff, pink, azure and deep green. For further details, please do not hesitate to contact our FineTech Paper sales team.

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