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Koehler flexible packaging paper

IPP enters into exclusive agency agreement for Koehler flexible packaging paper in the Benelux


IPP Netherlands has more than 40 years of experience in selling paper, board and plastic packaging materials. A growing number of branded companies is switching to sustainable paper packaging. IPP has entered into an exclusive agency agreement for Koehler paper in the Benelux.

IPP enters into exclusive agency agreement for Koehler flexible packaging paper in the Benelux

With immediate effect, IPP Packaging Materials will be the exclusive agency for flexible packaging paper from Koehler Paper in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

IPP Packaging Materials is a base material specialist focusing on board, paper, films, and nonwovens, with their headquarters in The Netherlands. With their wide network, know-how and high level of service, they serve their customers in the packaging and label market. Their experience and continuous research in the field of innovative and sustainable products gives IPP the opportunity to offer solid and independent advice. Their aim is to inspire customers to develop packaging or labelling that fits the brand and the application, to give packaging a more sustainable character using alternative materials and to distinguish themselves at the point of sale.

Eckhard Kallies, Director Flexible Packaging Paper Division, highlights: “IPP has more than 40 years of experience selling paper, board and plastic solutions for packaging and labels in the Low Countries. This know-how is of great value to us, as the packaging market is currently undergoing a massive change towards a greater use of paper as a packaging solution.”

With Koehler NexPlus®, the Koehler Group is meeting the rapidly growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions. Koehler NexPlus® is a series of barrier-coated paper products with various functions. In particular, these include barriers for odors, grease, mineral oil, water vapor and gases.

Jeroen Kuiper, owner of IPP, explains: “More and more customers are willing to buy products with sustainable packaging when they go to the supermarket. For this reason, many brandowners are now scrutinizing their packaging design, looking for innovative solutions. We are here to help them with this challenge. We combine a wide range of products with extensive knowledge in the field of packaging materials. Our customers benefit from the latest developments – which follow each other at a fast pace!”

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