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“Game of the Year”

Koehler Paper Contributes to Prize-Winning Product!


Once again this year, the “Game of the Year” jury played through hundreds of games before selecting the winners of their prestigious critics’ awards. The “Game of the Year” has been awarded since 1979 and is the industry’s most esteemed award. This year the game “Cascadia” was selected as the winner.

Koehler Paper Contributes to Prize-Winning Product!

“Cascadia” was named this year's Game of the Year. In this nature-themed tile game for one to four players aged 10 and above, players take turns creating habitats for wild animals in the region of the same name. The players compete to create the largest continuous regions in five different types of habitat: mountains, woodlands, prairies, wetlands, and rivers. The main appeal of “Cascadia” is its versatility. The basic rules make for a beginner-friendly family game, with a difficulty level that can be gradually increased.

Playing card board for game cards provided by the world market leader

The rule cards, printed on Casino Classic 320 gsm from Koehler Paper, have new challenges for the players in each round. Ludo Fact, the makers of “Cascadia,” used playing card board from Koehler for the game cards. For more than 25 years, the company has been a leading partner for games publishing companies and relies on the world's market leader for playing card board. Koehler Paper is a leader in this field thanks to its ideal processing properties and premium quality for the most demanding applications, qualities that have also seen it used in the world’s biggest casinos. For the first time since 2016, Ludo Fact won two prestigious titles this year, also claiming the title of “Children’s Game of the Year” to go with its “Game of the Year” award.

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