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Game cards for “CATAN” and “Halli Galli” board games packed using Koehler Paper flexible packaging paper


“CATAN” first appeared in 1995 and continues to be a beloved board game to this very day. Published by Kosmos Verlag from the very beginning, the game has not only been translated into 20 languages and sold in 40 countries since, but has also won a series of awards over a period of 20 years. Mean-while, “Halli Galli”, published by game publisher Amigo, has also enjoyed an extremely successful run with over 2 million games sold worldwide.

Game cards for “CATAN” and “Halli Galli” board games packed using Koehler Paper flexible packaging paper

. In Germany, both games are manufactured by Ludo Fact, which in April 2022 decided to start using Koehler Paper flexible packaging paper for the corresponding packing. In fact, approx. 1 million game cards for “CATAN” and “Halli Galli” have been packed with Koehler NexPlus® Seal paper since the spring of this year.

Sustainable Koehler NexPlus® paper replaces plastic packaging

Dr. Stefan Karrer, Chief Operating Officer of the Koehler Group, is pleased with the focus on sustaina-bility shown by the game manufacturer: “Our flexible packaging paper is 100% paper that can be dis-posed of as wastepaper after use and recycled as new paper. In addition, a large number of brands are already using our NexPlus® solutions to pack their foods, which is also thanks to the fact that these solutions feature barrier properties against water vapor and oxygen, for example.” An analysis of the life cycle of Koehler’s flexible packaging paper shows a significant reduction of CO2 compared to con-ventional PE-coated paper and even plastic duplex products.

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