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Art calendar 2023

Art calendar motives from Koehler Paper combine the styles of realism and pop art


The yearly art calendar from Koehler Paper have been extremely popular for many years now and are a firm fixture in many offices. Once again, a fantastic design has been created for the new year in collaboration with the Oberkirch artist Bastian Fiala.

Art calendar motives from Koehler Paper combine the styles of realism and pop art

The 2023 art calendar was produced in collaboration with Oberkirch-based artist Bastian Fiala. A tool maker by profession, he was able to turn his hobby of drawing and painting into his career in October 2020. His work allows him to explore his fascination with emotion and body language, and mainly focuses on the wildlife of Africa and portraits in his own unique style. He paints realistic faces combined with elements of pop art and abstract palette knife techniques. You can see his expressive portraits and wildlife paintings in the 2023 art calendar from Koehler Paper.

The expressive portraits and wildlife paintings were printed on a selection of premium fine and recycled papers. Moreover, the calendar showcases the extraordinary printability and tactile properties of ivory board in ultrawhite, superwhite, and chamois in various grammages and with various surfaces, and of creative print and creative board. In fact, the various surfaces and embossed finishes give the pieces painted by Bastian Fiala a unique appearance and feel.

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