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Top Career Opportunities for University Graduates

Koehler First in FOCUS Ranking


Koehler offers according to the new FOCUS test (published on August 4, 2018) the best career opportunities in the paper industry for university graduates.

Koehler First in FOCUS Ranking

According to the new FOCUS test for Germany published on August 4, 2018, the Koehler Paper Group offers the best career opportunities in the paper industry for university graduates. In this test, FOCUS analyzed the 17,500 largest companies headquartered in Germany in 158 industries. The study was conducted under the scientific supervision of Dr. Werner Sarges, head of the Institute for Management Diagnostics in Barnitz near Hamburg.

The test was based on the following criteria:

• The percentage of university graduates
• The ability to work at international locations
• The ability to write a thesis at the company based on real-world experience
• The trainee program
• The mentoring program
• Attracting talent from universities at an early stage

The second part consisted of social listening, a content analysis of all documents that included predefined search terms. The Koehler Paper Group achieved the highest score of 100 points, thereby leading the ranking as the industry winner in the paper industry and receiving the award “Top Career Opportunities for University Graduates.”

To the Career Opportunities for University Graduates

BEST PLACE TO LEARN – Outstanding Vocational Training

Koehler also offers attractive vocational training opportunities, which is why the global market leader from Baden was awarded the BEST PLACE TO LEARN certificate. With more than 80 vocational trainees and students completing a combined degree and vocational training program at Kohler, the company is not only laying the foundation for their professional careers, but also for the company’s own future.
Integrating the new trainees into the company’s day-to-day activities is a priority that boosts motivation and their understanding of the tasks involved. As an independent family business, the focus is on offering the best possible training to attract new qualified employees to the company. To ensure that this remains the case, the company aims to continuously improve the quality of its training program with the trainees’ help.

Further information for vocational training opportunities

Fair Company – Attractive Internships

Koehler offers attractive internships in all areas for high school students and university graduates to allow them to get to know the company and its various fields of activity better. In this context, Koehler is committed to treating interns fairly. This means that interns have clearly defined tasks and goals with a fixed contact person so that they receive the best possible professional guidance. At Koehler, interns don’t simply make copies and get coffee. This is why Koehler has been awarded the “Fair Company” employer certificate.

Significant Investment in the Kehl mill paying off in all Areas

The investment in a new paper and coating machine at the Kehl facility with a total value of 300 million euros and the focus on environmentally friendly flexible packaging are the best example of Koehler’s forward-looking approach. With its new product line, Koehler is working on producing packaging that can largely or even completely eliminate the need for environmentally harmful plastics. At the same time, Koehler is constantly researching solutions that are sustainable and meet the requirements of a family business with a focus on protecting the environment for future generations. The most recent example is the environmentally friendly thermal paper Blue4est®, which in contrast to other thermal papers is not only BPA-free, but also completely free of chemical developers.

When Koehler thinks of new talent, the company has its sights set on future generations. This is why Koehler focuses on vocational training – so that the company can hire the trainees after they have completed their program. The BEST PLACE TO LEARN and “Fair Company” awards are not the only proof that this is a successful approach. The latest FOCUS award is further proof of the success of the company’s forward-looking strategy in every respect.

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