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Recycled paper from Koehler

Excellent prospects for eco-friendly packaging


Koehler Greiz presents EcoBlack: high-quality black recycled paper for attractive packaging.

Excellent prospects for eco-friendly packaging

Over the past few years, recycled paper made from 100% secondary fibers has turned the Koehler Paper Group into the premium provider of creative board. A firm favorite of the crafting and office segments, this product has recently established itself in the packaging industry and has even gained traction in the high-end segment. While Koehler Paper Group's plant in Thuringia impresses with its "Blue Angel" eco-label, the brilliant colors of its paper products are the real highlight. The newest addition to the range is called "EcoBlack". Udo Hollbach, managing director of Koehler Greiz GmbH & Co. KG has this to say about the new product: "EcoBlack is an extraordinarily high-quality paper that captivates with a deep, rich black and was specially developed for high-quality packaging. It is the next logical step for our range of vibrantly colored recycled paper. With this product, we are catering to our customers' wish that a product avoids doing harm to human health or the environment, without having to sacrifice its aesthetics. EcoBlack is lightfast, resistant to bleeding, color migration and wear." For the product developers at Koehler, it goes without saying that all its paper is ideally suited to further processing. Since EcoBlack is produced completely carbon-free, it lends itself particularly well to embellishment through foil stamping.

Whether as creative board or for use in the packaging sector: recycled paper from Koehler is often used by brand manufacturers to help with product staging and presentation. "We help our customers to tell their story. With our recycled paper, 'Made in Germany', we are adding a successful chapter to the story of packaging," explains Udo Hollbach. Here there is often a focus on sutainability and the environment, which is part of Koehler's product positioning: Koehler's range is made from recycled paper and can in turn be recycled again – creating a dependable closed loop for paper that is a favorite among end consumers. The paper is chlorine- and acid-free and adheres to the stringent guidelines of the "Blue Angel" eco-label. 

On the whole, Udo Hollbach sees a booming market for the recycled paper made in Greiz: "The need for sustainable packaging creates the perfect conditions for the continued success of our recycled paper. Its brilliant colors, our wide range, the consistent high quality of our products and the high stiffness of our paper offer excellent finishing options, which can highlight the key qualities of a product and make these visible on the packaging. Naturally we are flexible in that, for orders above a certain quantity, we can also produce paper that is individually tailored to the needs of the customer."

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