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Epson Certifies Koehler Paper Blue4est® Thermal Paper


The Seiko Epson Corporation has certified Koehler Paper Blue4est® thermal paper for use with Epson TM-T88VI and TM-T88VII POS receipt printers – together, they are the perfect team for the environment.

Epson Certifies Koehler Paper Blue4est® Thermal Paper

The blue receipt is continuing its ascent as more and more companies put a premium on sustainability as they respond to their customers’ demand for more environmentally conscious products and services. Blue4est® receipts can be simply disposed of as wastepaper. The unique part: Consumers can easily recognize that the receipts are environmentally friendly given the paper’s blue color. In addition to this, the raw material used comes from FSC-certified sources, with Katja Frede, Product Manager Thermal Paper at Koehler Paper, having the following to say: “I’m particularly pleased to say that the raw paper used in our new generation of environmentally friendly thermal paper has been made 100% with clean energy for about a year now. That just serves to further highlight how sustainability has been a driving force behind our blue thermal paper.”

The perfect team for the environment reduces carbon footprints
Blue4est® is the first thermal paper to be approved for direct contact with food. Christoph Ruhnke, who works as the business systems manager responsible for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland at Epson and who is responsible for the marketing and sales operations for Epson POS solutions in the German-speaking region, explains: “More and more supermarkets are taking an interest in the ‘perfect team for the environment’, that is, our future-proof Epson TM-T88VII receipt printer with low power consumption and operating costs used together with recyclable Koehler Paper blue Blue4est® thermal paper. The printing quality is first-rate, not to mention that switching to the environmentally friendly POS solution is a great way to sustainably reduce carbon footprints!”

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